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Be the evil hunter and brave knight to explore the deadly Dungeon of Despair.


Dave the Knight is a retro action hack and slash RPG game that puts the player to be a brave knight and evil hunter, exploring random dungeons




As a dungeon explorer, a brave knight and an evil hunter, players will venture and explore the many levels of the deadly dungeon. Meet various interesting characters from the village that will aid you in your journey as an evil hunter. There will be an elder who will guide you from quest to quest, a blacksmith who'll forge you the finest weapon and more!


Collect coins to upgrade and level up your character. Don't forget to bring herbal potions to help you survive the dungeon against its many dangerous inhabitants such as zombies, bats and skeletons.


When things get more and more difficult, enlist the help of a pet to help you attack those pesky baddies. 




- Randomly generated dungeon everytime you play

- Numerous monsters to fight

- 70+ stages to explore

- Defeat various game bosses that require different strategies

- Dynamic battles

- Level up your heroes and learn new skills (RPG)

- Store and collect potions to be used when you need it most

- Daily quests for rewards

- In-game map for the dungeons for easy navigation

- Enlist the help of your pet

- Arena Battle




The royal scouts have confirmed that the deadly Dungeon of Despair is the source of all the dark creatures that have been terrorizing the kingdom. With such a formidable dungeon, notorious for its depth and darkness, spewing evil into the air, the King struggles to find a fighter worthy of the Knighthood to carry out holy cleansing of the Dungeon.


One day, a young man arrives before the King and pledge his service to rid evil from the Dungeon.


The King: “Brave fellow, identify yourself.”


Young Man: “I am Dave, the great great grandson of a Paladin whom fought during the cataclysmic uprising of darkness hundreds of years ago. My father died in the Dungeon when I was young. Since, I vowed to explore the dungeon and destroy whatever creatures dwell in the deadly Dungeon.”


The King: “Dave the Fighter, henceforth, I shall grant you the title Dave the Knight. I command you to ride to the Dungeon with all haste. Go forth and slay the monsters for the Kingdom awaits your triumphant return.”